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Superfood Oils

Our fresh oils are ultra-cold pressed in small batches and never refined. This maximizes the minerals and essential OmegaOils to provide your family with the healthiest superfood dressings on the market. Enjoy the benefits of these essentialOmega Oils on salads, rice, pasta, vegetables, sandwiches, wraps and more.

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Asian Ginger

Net weight 8 oz. / 236 ML

Our homemade hemp and black sesame oils unite with zesty ginger and savory garlic to create a mouth-dazzling sensationreminiscent of the Orient.
Asian Ginger Dressing $9.99
Garlic Paprika

Net weight 8 oz. / 236 ML

Similar to French dressing – but with a kick! A stunning tastebud sensation made with our homemade flax oil, savorygarlic and aromatic paprika.

Garlic Paprika Dressing $9.99

Sweet Mustard

Net weight 8 oz. / 236 ML

Move over honey mustard! This succulent dressing perfectly blends our homemade flax oil with Dijon mustard and sweetcoconut sugar.
Sweet Mustard Dressing $9.99